Dholera SIR is set to become one of India’s most developed regions wherein all aspects of life, work and play seamlessly converge to create a world-class city. We have carefully planned and gone the extra mile to make Dholera SIR the destination of choice for you.

Located in the Prime Minister’s home state of Gujarat and a part of his visionary plan, Dholera is extremely well-connected to the rest of India and the world. It will be home to non‐polluting industries, as we aim to create a clean, green and sustainable urban development. It will be the perfect place to set up large manufacturing units due to the availability of large land parcels.

As we will be hosting clients from all over the globe, we have taken steps to ensure that doing business with us is streamlined and efficient – from single-window clearances to the use & allotment of only clear land titles and much more.

We have been tirelessly working and have progressed rapidly to lay the platform for the city to become a future hub of innovation and progress. With all this and more, there really is no better place in the world for your business to grow and flourish.

The sections below detail what you can expect when you invest in Dholera


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State-of-the-art, smart and sustainable infrastructure puts Dholera Industrial City in a class of its own. Benchmarked against the best practices, the infrastructure at Dholera is truly world-class.


Dholera Industrial City has a single window system in place to streamline G2B (Government to Business) interactions. This will greatly reduce procedures & approvals required for various aspects of business.


Safety & Security of the residents takes utmost precedence at Dholera. The city is equipped with smart sensors to monitor security, will have CCTV cameras and other security systems in place, to create a peaceful & safe environment within.


Dholera’s planning also includes amenities to cater to the health, safety, educational, entertainment, cultural and spiritual needs of inhabitants as the city will be home to not just a smart workforce, but also their families.


Dholera Industrial City has a green outlook and a strong focus on sustainable practices. There are several systems in place to ensure this, including water recycling & management, solid waste management, rainwater harvesting and much more.


Technology is a key focus area at Dholera. With ICT enabled infrastructure, smart monitoring systems, city WiFi and so much more, Dholera will be a next-gen city that implements technology on a scale like never before in India.


There are policies & measures in place at Dholera to ensure that doing business is simple & easy. Some of these include: 1. Ready list of permits (as per industry type) 2. Single point of contact for every business 3. Permits/Approvals granted within a pre-fixed period


The vision at Dholera Industrial City has been to have a ‘Plug & Play’ approach wherein all the land parcels are fully ICT enabled and completely built up infrastructure is offered right at plot level.


Dholera is well-connected to the rest of India & the world. The city has excellent access to several important ports, 3 airports, connectivity to the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) and access to the MRTS & access controlled expressway connecting Ahmedabad.


While businesses & industries will create jobs for people to come to Dholera for work, several other aspects of the city have been planned (including community parks & recreation zones) to ensure a holistic & enriching, professional & social life for all.


Internal Connectivity within and to Dholera has been carefully planned. It is well-connected to the rest of the state & its strategic position on DMIC enables easy access to the other nodes. A walk-to-work culture is also planned & access to various points will be seamless.


Business & work at Dholera will flow seamlessly due to systems & measures in place that will provide fast-track approvals for various aspects that a business or industry may require.


Dholera will focus on (but is not limited to) the following industries:


  • Defence

  • Manufacturing

  • Heavy Engineering

  • Auto & Auto Ancillaries

  • Pharma & Bio Tech (Formulation)

  • Electronics

  • Agro and Food Processing (no farming considered)


  • Dholera offers large contiguous land parcels suitable for establishing a defense eco-system including but not limited to Manufacturing, Research & Development, Vendor Parks, Logistics & availability of skilled workforce.

  • Gujarat has approximately 101 engineering colleges with a capacity of 46,639 seats. Major institutes include IIT, Nirma University, LD Engineering College, Gujarat university, Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of ICT and others. The skilled work force required for industrial development is easily available in Gujarat.


  • Gujarat is a thriving Auto & Engineering hub that can potentially contribute to the defence supply chain. Major hubs for Auto and Engineering are in Ahmedabad (100 KM) and Rajkot (175 KM)

  • A strong MSME sector already exists in Gujarat, which plays an important role in the Defence Manufacturing supply chain

  • Gujarat offers an established port sector

  • Gujarat also offers excellent technical education

  • Indian electronics market is expected to increase at CAGR of 8.1% between FY16 and FY22

  • While consumer durables market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 16.3% between FY15 and FY20

  • In Gujarat, between 2004 and 2013, the GSDP for agriculture sector including animal husbandry sector had increased from USD 4.5 billion, at constant 2004-05 prices

  • In Gujarat, there are 3339 pharma manufacturing units (as of March, 2014) including allopathic, Ayurvedic, cosmetic, homeopathy units

  • Pharma exports from Gujarat increased from USD 0.2 billion to USD 2.8 billion between 2004 and 2013. Formulation formed 40% of the exports while the rest was bulk drugs



  • Gujarat Industrial Policy 2015


  • Solar Power Policy 2015

  • Cottage and Rural Industries Policy 2016

  • Electronics Policy (2016-21)

  • Tourism Policy 2015 – 2020

  • eGovernance Policy for the State of Gujarat 2014

  • Gujarat Textile Policy 2012

  • Comprehensive Agro Business Policy for Gujarat (2016-2021)

  • Electronics & IT/ITeS Start-up Policy for the State of Gujarat (2016-21)

  • Aerospace & Defense Policy

Policies Title Download
1 Land Allotment Policy PDF
2 Policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PDF
3 Details of spending under CSR PDF
4 Details of Vigil Mechanism Policy PDF

LAND PRICING Title Download
1 Land Pricing PDF